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Kvemo Kartli (Lower Kartli) is a historic province and current administrative region in southeastern Georgia. The city of Rustavi is a regional capital. The population is mixed between Azeris (80%), who constituted a majority of the population and Georgians (20%).

Rustavi is a city in the southeast of Georgia, in the province of Kvemo Kartli, situated 16 miles (25 km) southeast of the capital Tbilisi. It stands on the Mtkvari River. It has a population of 116,384 and is dominated by the Rustavi Metallurgical Plant.

Rustavi is one of the ancient towns of Georgia, playing an essential part in the history of Georgia. The foundation of Rustavi is dated from time immemorial. Leonti Mroveli connects this process with the name of the glorious ancestor of Georgian people. As Leonti writes in his works "The description of the Kingdom of Georgia" Rustavi was called as Bostan-Kalaki. It was situated on the river Mkvari and it was founded by the wife of Kartlos. She built a castle to the East of the mountain lagluji.

The historian Leonti Mroveli, who described the lives of the first Georgian kings, mentions the town Rustavi among those castles, which protested the troops of Alexander the Great.

Though it is proved in history that Alexander the Great never invaded Georgia but Rustavi itself is mentioned among such ancient towns as Uplistsikhe, Urbnisi, Mtskheta and Sarkineti. This fact proves that Rustavi as a city had been founded in the V-IV centuries B.C, it was the period of unification of Georgia.

Besides the manuscripts, the excavations of the castle Rustavi prove that Rustavi was a big political and administrstive center. During the archaeological excavations the remnants of ancients buildings were found, there are the remnants of the buildings of the IV and V centuries.